Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

I have had a nice Holiday this year everything from Thanksgiving to Christmas and hopefully New years will be just as amazing! For Christmas this year I got to spent it with two different families.

Me and Jacob went to his side of the family for Christmas dinner and an amazing little program that we were all invited to involve in. Me and Jacob did a simple piano/ trombone combination that had a little break of laughter added to it. We spent some time with them and opened up presents and playing in the snow storm. It was a bunch of fun I am grateful for the time we were able to spend with them!

After we hit that up we headed to my families shindig and made it in time for a little hang out! We did our tradition and all got in the pj's that my parents picked out they were very comfortable! Jacob got to see a different side of my family as the night went on and everyone got a little loopy we attempted to play some card games but that didn't end up very well so we all returned to the living room again and made jokes. Its by far my favorite time to spend with my family to just hang out and have a good time together! The next morning after sleeping in till 8 I woke up my brother and then me and him went and woke up my parents by jumping on the bed... darn those tempurpedic mattresses... they didn't even move after all the jumping yet they arose and the 5 of us (me, Jacob, Richie, mom and dad) went and opened up some presents!

I am glad I got to spend time with my family! I even got to talk to Rory and that is always fun! I cant wait to see him when he comes down!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The love of my life!

So after my long and enjoyable 20 year long man search I finally found the one that I shall marry! I had to go through all the other boys ranging from short, Mexican, "unknown", immature, retarded etc.. before I was able to find the one that I could see myself ending up with! This lucky fellow's name is Jacob Lee Beach he is 24 years old..old!

How we met:

I had tonsillitis for about a week or more and Grandma Bluth had been taking care of me because my parents were out of town. When they got back I was having cabin fever and had to get out and do something. About that time my friend Hailee texted me about a game night she was having so i decided to go. I showed up at the house not knowing many people but was still able to enjoy myself, as an hour passed the doorbell rang and in walked 3 boys or men whatever you want to call them. From that moment when Jacob walked in the door I ran over to Hailee and said "I like that one" having no clue who he was. As the night went on I caught him looking at me quite a bit yet I had no complaint. So after we were all done playing games we sat around and the "joy" of being a massage therapist is people think its funny to ask for massages so we spent some time giving back rubs to people (sounds strange) then Jacob said he would give me a better back massage he saved me. I told him how amazing I was at basketball so I would be able to get his number to see him again. It worked we exchanged numbers and went on our way. That next day I was at work waiting for my client and I told my mom that I had meet the guy I
would marry at the game night. Later that day he asked me to go to lunch with him yet I had just bought lunch when he asked me so I threw it away and met up with him at panda. Then the next day we played basketball and now here we are getting married January 31,2009!

I love you:

Jacob told me he loved me one day when we went out to lunch it was very cute he was so nervous. I told him I loved him about 2 weeks later at his house before I went home at like 2am.


After a short 3 weeks of dating beating around the bush of the fact that we both knew we were going to get married we talked about it with our parents and got a ring that was my grandma Gurneys that she passed onto my mom that is now passed down to me! Jacob had this entire thing planned out without my knowledge we ended up going to the temple and he asked me there it was so cute! He had his cousin across the reflection pool video taping the entire thing. He was so nervous that when he tried to get down on one knee he fell and ended up on two. He asked me if I would be his wife "forever and ever" and I said "and ever and ever" or in other words "yes" and it was amazing! after that we went and got food!!! then back to my house and hung out.
I am so grateful for him & can't wait to be with him forever!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

Halloween this year.

Passin out candy
Dinner at Streets of NY

Party at Richies

Attempt to watch a movie

Home to bed.

It was a fun night of dressin up and seeing lots of old friends!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh torts are my fav!!

So these are my new babies. ha I have 4 of them!! They are about as big as a quarter and totally cute!! I am going to color their shells more after I name them so I can tell them apart. They live in a 75 Gallon fish tank so they have a ton of room to grow! I got sick of my fish so I put them in a bucket outside in the heat I'm just waiting for them to die.. sad. but these little things are so cute!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I think it runs in the family...

I have always know my family was a little odd... but i mean there has to be some kind of limit...
but dont judge us!

mom... i dont know where you got this face !

Richie... haha

Riley i must say nice grill!

and me...ya...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh how i LOVE lake powell

So my family and I went to Lake Powell aka Heaven! this past month and had a total blast! Lake Powell is by far my favorite vacation spot i have ever been to. We had the Montandons attend with us along with Shane, Bay and G-ma!! Sorry for you that missed out!
Riley and Ashley found an amazing place that had a beach and was all by itself so we stayed there for the week and had some mad games of horse shoes. Ash and Riley took champs for the week but we all put up a good fight!

Papa and Mom had a fun time on the skido (grandmas way of saying it) and they did everything they told us not to do what good examples! We didn't have any accidents this year that was amazing! only retarded me and Shane that had ear problems because of wakeboarding crashes and Riley with his dare devil climbing skills, oh and Cheri when mom hit her in the leg with the horse shoe...other than those little things we were all good!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whitney came to town!!

Well i have not been up to much just hanging around and working but counting down the days till Lake Powell and when Whitney came down! well she is here now and I'm so happy i have not seen her in such a long! Dad and Ryan got some big 300 gallon water storage thing and gave us some time to play in it!!! So mom got in it first and rolled around a bit then got to hot so climbed out then me and whit got inside it and dad decided to roll it and we were going crazy flippin around inside! it was so much fun!! Then we went for a swim and took more pictures!

Mom made fun of me in this picture just wait till you see some of hers!!

Theses are about the only normal ones we took all day.

Mom claims that she is no good at making faces... we disagree!!!
And that was not planned i was really kinda scared!!

This is us playing inside the big water thing!!

It was a really fun day and I'm kinda sad that she has to go home tomorrow because i love having her here.
10 things that i love about Rory!
1. Always knows how to make you laugh!
2. Wears some of the coolest shirts ever!
3. Taught me the main part of my favorite piano song!
4. Has all the best video games!!
5. Always willing to help me out!
6. Has always been a freakin awesome brother to me!
7. Loved my family guy quote...even though I got in trouble for it... not saying any names...
8. Has way cool hair!
9. Married an awesome chick!
10.Has such a cool outlook on life!
I love you Rory!! your amazing cant wait to see you!! hope that you had an amazing birthday and got what you wanted!
ya.. i just watched Seinfeld the one where they put all the exclamation marks on everything hence the reason there are exclamation marks and because i just love you that much!!!