Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh torts are my fav!!

So these are my new babies. ha I have 4 of them!! They are about as big as a quarter and totally cute!! I am going to color their shells more after I name them so I can tell them apart. They live in a 75 Gallon fish tank so they have a ton of room to grow! I got sick of my fish so I put them in a bucket outside in the heat I'm just waiting for them to die.. sad. but these little things are so cute!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I think it runs in the family...

I have always know my family was a little odd... but i mean there has to be some kind of limit...
but dont judge us!

mom... i dont know where you got this face !

Richie... haha

Riley i must say nice grill!

and me...ya...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

oh how i LOVE lake powell

So my family and I went to Lake Powell aka Heaven! this past month and had a total blast! Lake Powell is by far my favorite vacation spot i have ever been to. We had the Montandons attend with us along with Shane, Bay and G-ma!! Sorry for you that missed out!
Riley and Ashley found an amazing place that had a beach and was all by itself so we stayed there for the week and had some mad games of horse shoes. Ash and Riley took champs for the week but we all put up a good fight!

Papa and Mom had a fun time on the skido (grandmas way of saying it) and they did everything they told us not to do what good examples! We didn't have any accidents this year that was amazing! only retarded me and Shane that had ear problems because of wakeboarding crashes and Riley with his dare devil climbing skills, oh and Cheri when mom hit her in the leg with the horse shoe...other than those little things we were all good!