Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

So this past week i went to lake powell with Westons family, it was an interesting trip different from ours yet still alot of fun! The water was really nice but it was hot outside so we were in the water most of the time. We rode the jetskis, wake boarded and fished yet we didnt catch anything sad to say! The adults headed down to dangling rope to get gas and ice cream but didnt make it very far till the boat engine blew up and had to get towed back to the house boat ha so the adtivities were kinda put on hold. All in all it was a fun trip it just would not be lake powell unless something went wrong!

Me and weston at lake powell.

Cha, syd, and me

I got a decent tan for only being there for about 3 days but im always glad to be back home. my family is going there again in August so ill have more stories then!

My very first blog!!

I had to think long and hard, but decided to start a blog of my own. I hesitated because i didnt know if i would have anything to say or even worse... if no one looked at my page how depressing would that be! Yet i think it will it be profound, a little intelligent, but mailny it will be goofy. Mainly because im just so Unique! (the most common word I have heard throughout my life when my name is mentioned)

So here's to unique! My cat is Bagirah and he is unique, He loves only me! Yes, it's true, and he hides from anyone else that enters our home - especially my nieces and nephews. When i went to Lake Powell and was traumatized and waited by the door each night untill i returned home. I think he needs counseling - or even better, emotional release treatments from my mom. I adopted him when he was so small that I fed him with a bottle, but his tail had been broken - and it's sortta like a lightning bolt at the end. I love him and he loves me!

My Family is awesome i have a mom that makes me tell her 10 things that I was grateful for every morning of my life - until I learned to wake up happy...yet is still has not fully kicked in. but she is awesome and i love to spend time with her. My dad is the best dad you could ever have my brother tell me i have him wraped around my finger! and i would like to keep it like that! My brothers are my best friends i love each of them and miss rory!! i have amazing sister in laws that are like sisters to me! and some crazy little gurney kids. Life is good! I love my life and love my family!

I have some of the coolest friends and a best friend that is always there for me and did a mention an amazing boyfriend that is getting ready for his mission so he can come home and get married. he is my sidekick we do everything together and i would not have it any other way!!