Sunday, July 27, 2008


well as the title says life is crazy!
it comes at you fast and when you least expect it! i have not been on this in a while just been busy workin and playin a little to hard! i had my first full week of work and it was really nice and laid back totally my style! i enjoy it so much! I had a fun weekend playin with Hillary and having some girl time. i had not seen to much of Weston because he has been out
of town in Utah but he is back! and I'm so glad! so i went to the lake today with some friends and it was a ton of fun! i got hurt so many times! for starters they ran over my foot with the trailer i hit my jaw really hard and it went all odd and i couldn't open my mouth because my jaw was locked for like not kidding 7 hours! ya ya I'm sure people didn't mind but then then i fell of the jet ski trailer when he was pulling it out of the water and totally killed my leg then cut open my knee got jabbed in the eye 2 times!! ill stop there because
i cant think of anythingelse that happened as of now.
but i mean come on how can that much crap happen to one person in 24 hours!
At least i have my DS right! its the one thing that makes me happy!
if im bored i play it if I'm happy i play it no matter what its just so fuN!
i just happen to love my DS kinda like how i love my family, and friends and so on! but i mean i love my family more than it but i still love it a ton!!

Oh i just cant decide what one i love more...
Family or game...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food and Fireworks!!

This year was a little more exciting than last years fireworks! Some of our friends had VIP passes to the Tempe Town Lake firework we had never been there so we went along with them. For the first few hours we ate FamousDave's BBQ and listened the the bands they had playing it was really hot but also a ton of fun! at about 9 the fireworks started and I had never seen this good of fireworks! It started
off like the grand finale and ended totally awesome!!

My family was out of town for the holliday they decided to go camping and I had to work all weekend so I didnt get to join them. Sence I hate to be home alone at night I was house hopping all week for a place to crash! it was interesting but a ton of fun!! And I think they had alot of fun up campin.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

All fun and games

So tonight like always we played some games! The boys stepped it up a bit to our amazement! So we had a little more of a challenge. Today was mine and Weston's 16 month anniversary
Yes, were one of those that celebrate every month ha but i never mind, yet Weston has been really sick these past like 4 months and no doctors can figure out whats wrong with him its really sad so some nights he feel really sick and he goes all crazy but its alwas funny to listen to him so tonight was one of those night
when he was a wacko
so that made the games even better because when it came to him acting stuff out everyone could not stop laughing! you have not played catch phrase or charades until you have played with Weston!

Well because i have had work off this week for no reason i have been figuring just how boring it is! so today as i was laying around i decided to have a small

photo shoot with bagirah!!

This is like 10 photos in i finally got part of his face.

Here is the classic Garfield face... he does not seem to be having as much fun as i am.

Finally i got some one else to take a picture and you cant totally tell but i have him all Kong Fu gripped in yet he is still wiggling trying to get out!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life changes as you get older!

So I have been working at Massage Envy now for a while and I loved working there for the first few months because I thought that if im making 15 that I was livin the "Big Life" untill my lame bills came... so I quickly picked up the the mind set like my dad that if I dont check the mail then ill never know they were there and I would not have to pay them... didnt work and I learned the hard way. I had talked to my friend a while back who was in my massage class and she asked how much I was making I told her all excited and she nicely replied oh well im making 30 an hour. So I broke the 10 commandments and immediately became envious of her. She told me she was waiting for her boy to get off his mission so they could get married so I waited and waited and finally I got her invitation so I called the chiropractic office and talked to him and within 45 seconds he was asking me if I could come in right now because he had some people that wanted massages! So it looks like I am going to be working 2 different jobs! This way I might be able to live the Big Life at least for a little

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sushi and Games

So last Sat. night me Tommy Alex and Weston all went out to sushi and me and Weston had never had it except for a Cali roll and that made me barf!! So we tried some and it tasted like fish...who would of thought! So tonight some friends called us to go out and have some sushi so we took another chance and went to this place that Richard and Bay like allot called blue wassabi? and had some it was SO good except for this one roll that had eel..ell and i thought i was going to barf on the table to i plugged my nose and choked it down! but other than that it was good!

After food we went back to Weston's and played some mad games of catch phrase and Cranium the girls kicked butt!

Hector and Heather

The Girls

Tommy and Teag